Investment Management

The Fortis Wealth Smart Passive investment management philosophy evolved from the academic research of economic professors Kenneth French and Eugene Fama, the Nobel laureate. Their pioneering work on the science of capital markets is based on the core belief that over time, capital markets work efficiently. The world’s most successful investors have one thing in common — they adhere to a carefully defined plan that stands up to economic cycles and various market conditions. Trying to “beat the markets” through frequent trading and timing strategies inevitably results in high costs to investors and, as research shows time and time again, a low probability of success. Empirical evidence suggests that such speculation has always been a loser’s game and is increasingly more so in today’s world of high speed information flow.

Fortis Wealth Smart Passive investment management allocates capital based on the science of capital markets, in which the academic research defines the sources of investment return. We invest on behalf of our client partners — we do not speculate. We serve as an unbiased roadmap with systematic rules regarding implementation and management of investments, and a focus on the factors you can control. We protect our client partners from an investors’ worst enemies: high fees, taxes and emotions. The result is a unique combination of philosophy, process and execution.

A wealth-building plan based on the science of investing frees you to focus on what matters most to you. Allow markets to work by taking advantage of sensible, low-cost, rules-based portfolios backed by decades of research and empirical evidence. With our guidance, based upon these investment management philosophies, we believe the markets should deliver your return on investment so you can focus on your return on life.

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