Wealth Management

Wealth provides one with the freedom to experience and enjoy life to its fullest. Fortis Wealth’s commitment to a disciplined discovery process enables us to build a strong informational foundation about you, our valued client partner. You define what is important about wealth. You share your dreams and disclose your fears. We go beyond simply understanding your financial goals, and instead justify or challenge them, so we can become experts on you, not only your wealth.

Adherence to our unique discovery process allows Fortis Wealth and our client partners to ensure we are the right fit for each other. We do not view an engagement with a client partner as a transaction; it is the start of a trusted relationship that will last decades and span generations. This allows our client partners to optimize their return on life.

Only after we have gained a holistic understanding of your financial picture, can we then intelligently tailor a financial plan to your individual needs.

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