A Different Approach

Our client partners know firsthand that our rich history as a trusted advisor and sounding board has resulted in an unparalleled perspective when it comes to managing wealth. Our philosophy is rooted in the belief that we serve as a steadfast compass, guiding you with confidence as you navigate life’s biggest decisions and milestones.

The Fortis Wealth Advantage

Life. Handled.

Wealth creates complexity similar to a small business and Fortis Wealth fills the role of your personal executive team. We realize no two clients are the same. Our process begins by taking the time to deeply understand your unique circumstances, values and goals. We then devise both strategic and tactical steps to address and balance those financial and life issues.

Fortis Wealth asks the right questions to help identify the unmet and unrealized needs of your family. This enables our team to target opportunities for growth while safe-guarding against the unforeseen. Through our “life handled” insights we strive to provide a return on investment and a return on life.