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January 2020 – Fortis Wealth 4th Quarter Firm Letter 2019 – “What a Long Strange Trip It’s Been”

October 2019 – Fortis Wealth 3rd Quarter Firm Letter – “For What It’s Worth  These 2 Will Not Cause the End of this Bull Market “

July 2019 – Fortis 2nd Quarter Letter 2019 – “Every Time It Gets Cloudy This Bull Market Finds a Way to Shine Until Tomorrow”

April 2019 – Fortis 1st Quarter Letter 2019 – “First Crack in the Bull Market, but Don’t Get Fooled Again”

January 2019 – Fortis 4th Quarter Letter 2018 – “As Springsteen Takes Off on Broadway, Investors got Blinded by the Light

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October 2018 – Fortis 3rd Quarter Letter 2018 – “Looking for Bubbles in all the Wrong Places”

January 2018 – “Investing is a Psychology Game – Not an IQ Game” (white paper)

December 2017 – “It’s the End of the World as We Know it”

July 2017 – “Infatuation – Bubble Spotters are Obsessed with Another Debt Crisis”

July 2017 – “Tiny Bubbles”

April 2017 – “If it Looks Like a Top, Feels Like a Top and Sounds Like a Top then It’s Probably a Top…Nah!  It Ain’t Over til it’s Over”

February 2017 – “God May Have Blessed America_But Investing Only in the US May be an American Prayer”

December 2016 – “Trump May Feel Urgent to Copy Reagan, but It’s a Much Different World”

November 2016 – “Did Homelands Brody Just Signal The End for Hedge Fund Boom?”

August 2016 – “Many Investors Need an Emotional Rescue”

June 2016 – “The Apartment Boom is Ending Long Live the White Picket Fence” (white paper)

July 2018 Fortis 5 Minute Read:  “Smart Ways to Take Control of a Trust”